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Large and small Lauter valley

The Kleines Lautertal belongs mainly to the town of Blaustein and is only a few kilometers north-west of Ulm.

With an area of around 280 hectares, it was designated as a nature reserve in 1995 by the regional council of Tübingen. Steep, rocky slopes accompany the visitor along the entire length of the valley, partly with near-natural forest stands, partly with species-rich semi-arid grassland and scree.

The Kleine Lauter rises in a karst spring above the village of Lautern. It meanders with clear water through meadows at the bottom of the valley, only to later flow into the Blau near Herrlingen. The wonderful landscape, but also the occurrence of numerous endangered animal and plant species makes the area a jewel of the Swabian Jura.

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